“Begun, these Clone Wars have.” Jedi Master Yoda -Star Wars Armada Clone Wars Table Top Game | Armchair General Magazine

Rick Martin “Star Wars Armada Clone Wars” Table Top Game Review. Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games Designer: Michael Gernes and Brooks Flugaur-Leavitt Price $99.00 (Starter Sets) and $25 Fighter Booster Packs Passed Inspection: Perfectly captures the Star Wars feel, great looking miniatures and components, easy to learn, fast playing Failed Basic star fighter stands come apart … Read more

Unfathomable – first impressions – The Boardgames Chronicle

Among my boardgames friends there is a special subset with pretty specific interest and focus – HP Lovecraft prose and titles connected to this. Not surprisingly, we play with them a lot of Arkham Horror or Mansion of Madness. They also love Battlestar Galactica, so when I heard that there will be game combining its … Read more

GMT Games P500 Offering “Infernal Machine: Dawn of Submarine Warfare” Aims to Explores the Role of Submarines in the American Civil War. | Armchair General Magazine

Posted on Feb 19, 2022 in Boardgames, Front Page Features Ray Garbee By Ray Garbee Infernal Machine: Dawn of Submarine Warfare – P500 Campaign. Publisher: GMT Games. Designer: Ed Ostermeyer and Jeremy White. P500 Preorder Price $55.00 After playing Nicola Saggini and David Thompson’s solitaire game By Stealth and Sea (DVG, 2020), I started to … Read more

2021 – Best Heavy Strategy / Euro Game Nominees — Meeple Mountain

Join us as we review the 2021 Best Heavy Strategy / Euro nominees for Meeple Mountain’s 4th Annual Diamond Climber Board Game Awards. Heavy strategy/Euro games make you think. Each of these games do just that in their own way. Whether it’s a “point salad” game, area control, worker placement, deck building, or any number … Read more

Bayonets & Tomahawks – playing 1757 scenario – The Boardgames Chronicle

This game is addictive – one you said A, you need to say B 🙂 I recently played initial, introductory scenario of Bayonets & Tomahawks – 1755 – and I immediately knew I needed more! This was a solo session, with my two sons (6 & 8 years old boys) playing as bots, choosing from … Read more

Meople News: Dreadful Humours – Meople’s Magazine

Elf Creek Games As if saving the people of Atlantis wasn’t tricky enough already! Your goal in Atlantis Rising is to cooperatively build a cosmic gate to help the Atlanteans escape. Build a cosmic gate, that sounds tricky, right? Well, it’s about to get much trickier. Atlantis Rising: Monstrositiesan expansion to the second edition of … Read more

“My revenge has just begun. It is spread over centuries.” Count Dracula― Fury of Dracula Board Game Review | Armchair General Magazine

Rick Martin Fury of Dracula Board Game Review. Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games Designer: Stephen Hand, Kevin Wilson and Frank Brooks Price $199.00 Passed Inspection: tense game play, beautiful components, easy to learn and fast to play, Board Game Geek has a great solo play rule set Failed Basic large footprint, Fantasy Flight should have included … Read more

Field Commander Alexander – Tyre and Gaugamela campaigns – The Boardgames Chronicle

Let me invite you to the second part of the multi-scenario session report from Field Commander Alexander. In the first part I described the Granicus and Issus campaigns, giving the historical background but also short description of the game. Today I will conclude the story of great general – will I manage to repeat his … Read more