Chess 2022 – February Top Picks

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A month ago I presented a couple of exotic puzzles from the “Chess 2022 Day-to-Day Calendar: A Year of Chess Puzzles” month of February. You can review the article HERE. This week let’s have a look at my 2 top pics from the same month:

First puzzle
Checkmating the king in the center is not easy to do. It is the area of ​​the chessboard the king reaches in the endgame when there are few enemy pieces to chase it away. In this puzzle the king is already there and all White pieces except Ka6 and Ba2 are trapping it there. In the same time Black is covering all obvious squares that could be used by White. This was a tough nut to crack with a number of possible checkmates in 3 for distraction. The key here is to put Black in zugzwang. Below you see two possible checkmates in 2 depending on how Black responds. Please find the other ones for practice:

The second puzzle
Here I hope you will also appreciate the ingenuity of the position. It is impossible to ignore the puzzle because of that. The number of choices is much reduced, making it easier to find the solution by trial and error. If you have identified the f6-pawn as the Achille’s heel for Black, figuring out how to reach it with one of your Knights was the remaining challenge. Same as above, key is to put Black in zugzwang. Please find all possible checkmates after White’s first move for practice:

Eugen Demian

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