Need sure points? Two Knights Defence, Traxler Wilkes-Barre Variation Edition

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This variation can be unleashed against unsuspected players who like to use the Fried Liver attack. This is the most likely to happen at club level. It is at that level when many see it being played often. Players learn it mostly on the fly and do not bother to read the latest theory on it. They are the most likely to be caught by surprise.

The main idea for Black is to allow White to capture the f7-pawn and possibly the h8-rook. In exchange Black gets a quick attack on the White king that can be lethal if White does not know how to play against it. The first challenge for White is to decide how to capture the f7-pawn. Capturing it with the knight is the likely choice you will see. Forking and winning material is hard to resist at the club level. Here is a very interesting sample game that includes a few suggestions for Black:

Capturing the f7-pawn with the bishop gives White a pawn, a tempo and leaves the Black king in the centre. Regardless Black enjoys quick development and initiative that easily compensate for it. The best way to say it is Black gets to play a game where it dictates how the play goes. It is something that White does not normally expect when choosing the Fried Liver attack:

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