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Choices are the hinges of destiny

We’ve been rotating between different formats for the club tournament between rapid chess, chess 960, three check chess or crazy house. Now we are in the middle of a rapid chess one and last round saw an interesting game being played. The opening phase went like this:

White likes to play fianchetto opening lines with closed centers. It probably gives him a sense of security against heads on attacks. Unfortunately here he has already made a couple of errors that should have cost him the game:

  • Bb2 is trapped behind his own pawn chain with no real prospect to participate in the game. In the game this Bishop did not move again until move 27 when it was moved to the bad a3-square. Finally at move 40 white found a good idea to bring it in the game and contribute to an unexpected win
  • The white castle is deserted and white’s 13. Bh5… is simply a losing move. Black could have started a storming of the castle almost immediately such as below example:

Black’s storming the castle attack came in a similar form and should have ended the game. It did not for some reason, giving white hope to continue on:

I think this is a good example of how a bad opening setup can put you in a lost position. Also it shows that when you get an opportunity to attack, you should do it without hesitation. If you do hesitate, the opportunity might be gone forever. Next week I will continue presenting the remainder of the game.

Eugen Demian

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