Chronicles of Drunagor Expansions Review and Buyer Guide

Expansions and add on content are a key part of crowdfunding campaigns. It’s a way for backers to unlock more stretch goals by driving their pledges up. The risk for the backers is getting a ton of content for a mediocre game but many times, it’s the only way to get some content. I think … Read more

Rainforest City Review | Board Game Quest

For most of my life, I’ve lived in the suburbs where wildlife is a feral cat or birds. I was fortunate enough to spend a lot of summer vacations camping at the mountains and beaches of Southern California. So I’ve always enjoyed the great outdoors and have a fond appreciation of nature. Nature is awe-inspiring … Read more

Destinies: Sea of Sand Expansion Review

If you play in the sand, you’re going to get sandy. Sand in your hair. Sand in your clothes. Sand in your mouth. But sand in your board games? Now you’ve gone too far. This expansion may be the exception. You’ll have plenty of other things to worry about such as getting over a wall, … Read more

Belle of the Ball Review

Like me, you’ve probably experienced the anxiety of attending a party or a dance and desperately hoping to catch the attention of a special someone. Stolen glances from across the room. Brief smiles as your gazes meet. Or, apparently, standing in long receiving lines hoping for a few seconds to chat with the person and … Read more

Yummy Yummy Monster Tummy Review

I love playing games with my kids. It’s a for-me preferred activity to end a night on rather than watching Encanto or Storybots again. We can connect, laugh, and have fun. Things have been busy in our neck of the woods for the last few months, so grown playing-up games for dad has been sporadic … Read more

Lord of the Rings: The One Ring RPG Review

Lord of the Rings holds a special place in my heart and is one of my favorite fantasy series of all time. So, I was excited to read and get a chance to play The One Ring RPG from Free League. I have a bit of experience with different RPG systems and had even played … Read more

Concordia Digital Review | Board Game Quest

Origins 2017. I’ve made quick friends with some fellow early-rising board gamers. We’ve dubbed ourselves the “8am Heavy Euro” group. During the show, we managed to play Kanban, Railroad Revolution, and Navegador in the mornings before the exhibit hall even opened. And at 8am on the final day of Origins I was introduced to Concordia. … Read more

Savannah Park Review | Board Game Quest

Wolfgang Kramer and Michael Kiesling’s homes must be just absolutely covered in tiles they’ve used in prototyping. They’ve designed countless tile laying games. Hex tiles, square tiles, round tiles. Tiles with animals. Floor tiles. They are really the tiling experts. Savannah Park is another in their discography. Simple to learn, family weight, and covered in … Read more

Islands in the Mist Review

Here in New Jersey, the Festival of Ballooning happens every summer, with over 100 hot air balloons taking to the skies over some of the most beautiful locales in the Garden State, drifting in the wind until they come back down to Earth. If you live in the area, and perchance one of those balloons … Read more

Battletech Beginner Box Review | Board Game Quest

In 1985, a now-defunct publisher created a skirmish game of giant mechs called Battletech: A Game of Armored Combat. I’m guessing at the time, they had no idea it would survive another 35+ years in a variety of different editions. Today, the current publisher of Battletech is Catalyst Games. A few years ago they helped … Read more