Final Girl Review | Board Game Quest

This is a guest post from Matt Kiser. Laurie Strode. Nancy Thompson. Jenny Field. These are the heroines in whose footsteps you run when Final Girl is on the table. For the uninitiated, the final girl is the last one standing at the end of a horror movie. The term, first used by film scholar … Read more

Land vs Sea Review | Board Game Quest

Ketchup vs. mustard. Skiing vs. snowboarding Purses vs. handbags. Soft shell vs. hard shell. Unicycles vs bicycles. Flip flops vs sneakers. These age-old contests have left generations of people pondering which side should be victorious. (Except the unicycle/bicycle one. That’s a no-brainer victory for the unicycle. I’m also partial to handbags, but I’m willing to … Read more

Godtear Review | Board Game Quest

Tear is a funny word. It can mean to rip something apart, but it’s also a noun for the liquid that comes out of your eyes. When I first saw the box cover for Godtear, I immediately thought it was the first definition. I was like cool, a game about a world ripped apart by … Read more

From the Halls of Montezuma to “The Shores of Tripoli” Board Game Review | Armchair General Magazine

Rick Martin The Shores of Tripoli Board Game Review. Publisher: Fort Circle Games Designer: Kevin Bertram Price $60.00 Passed Inspection: tense game play; easy to learn; a lovely game; solo or two players; excellent replayability; great value for the price; historical supplement included; very educational Failed Basic: absolutely nothing After the Revolutionary War, American merchant … Read more

Roll Player Adventures Review | Board Game Quest

My first gaming love was Dungeons and Dragons. Like many people my age I started with the red and blue boxes before progressing to the Advanced D&D rules and played several other editions over the ensuing years. A lot of board games try to be that ever elusive RPG-in-a-box that doesn’t require a game master. … Read more

Legacies Review | Board Game Quest

I’m at my desk, typing away at this review when the door bursts inward, and two children rush to my side. “Dad! Dad!” shouts the oldest, only five feet away from me. The youngest watches my fingers type this sentence and waits for a reaction. “Dad!” The youngest’s eyes go wide, knowing that the older … Read more

Star Trek: Missions Review | Board Game Quest

In 2017, WizKids Games published a little combo builder called Fantasy Realms. To be honest, I had not even heard of this title until Red Rising was released last year. Publisher Stonemaier Games said his inspiration for Red Rising was based on Fantasy Realms. I’m not sure if that bit of publicity helped the remaining … Read more

Batman Everybody Lies Review | Board Game Quest

When it comes to comic book superheroes, Batman has always been right near the top of my favorites. I grew up reading Batman, Detective Comics, and watching the 90s Animated Series. So when Portal Games announced that they would be releasing a Batman-themed version of their award-winning detective line of games I was excited to … Read more

Pathfinder: Level 20 Review | Board Game Quest

As a lifelong Dungeons and Dragons player, level 20 was always the carrot on the stick for us players. Epic level was where you truly became a force of nature. However the sad reality was that we rarely ever made it that far. Campaigns usually fizzled out somewhere in the grind between levels 9-15. Players … Read more

Ark Nova Review | Board Game Quest

I opened the door to Tony’s house and was immediately greeted by a flying object. Luckily, my cat like reflexes allowed me to catch it before it hit my face. I turned the box in my hand. “Ark… ARK NOVA”. Why are you throwing this?? It’s like… THE hotness right now!” “Dude, I live in … Read more