Alexander Successors Wars – as depicted by C&C Ancients – The Boardgames Chronicle

Recently I play C&C Ancients definitely less in comparison to the time when I was initially enchanted by this game. Still, it oftentimes gives me a lot of satisfaction and nowadays I usually play sets of historically and chronologically connected scenarios. Recently I brought to the table couple of Civil War battles (Caesar vs Pompey), … Read more

Conquest & Consequence – First Impressions – The Boardgames Chronicle

It is already some time since the Conquest & Consequence was published and after couple of sessions with that game I think I am able to share my First Impressions. Why not full review? I think the game is too deep, with so many possibilities and scenarios unfolding, that I need more time with that … Read more

ROOT – Marauder Expansion – First Impressions – The Boardgames Chronicle

Having the huge pack with great ROOT goodies (Marauder Expansion, Hirings Box and Clockwork Expansion 2) delivered recently, it did not take long to bring them to the table! I tested couple of set-ups – solitaire and multiplayer, and would like to share them with the Dear Readers. But before Sessions itself, couple words on … Read more

My Top 3 Wargames designed by… Mark Herman! – The Boardgames Chronicle

Welcome to another installment in “My Top 3 Wargames” series. I am usually presenting here the titles which follow the common theme, mechanics or historical subject. Creating such materials gives me a lot of fun and in the past oftentimes allowed me to familiarize with great titles. Today I will follow a different approach. I … Read more

OATH – First Impressions – The Boardgames Chronicle

It is quite common in boardgames world, that you are being influenced by and attracted to already known designers and publishers. I am huge fan of ROOT created by Cole Wehrle from Leder Games. I have played thoroughly base game, Riverfolk and Underworld Expansion, solo mode and even digital version! So when I saw that … Read more

Pacific War Engagement Scenarios – First Impressions & evaluation – The Boardgames Chronicle

Since I already had a pleasure of playing all Pacific War Engagement Scenarios (and actually creating Video playthroughs for them) I thought I will summarize my experiences in this one article. You will always find some interesting information about each set-up, what it teaches, my subjective fun factor from playing it and some additional evaluation … Read more

Gloomhaven – Scenario #47 Lair of Unseeing Eye – The Boardgames Chronicle

We are joking in our Gloomhaven group that this game has 3 semifinals 🙂 We tackled already #48 Shadow Weald and #46 Nightmare Peak – not necessarily chronologically, but that suited us, especially as we were bringing Dominik up to speed with those. Today – if things go right – we would complete the final … Read more

Commands Colors Medieval session reports – Solochon 586 AD – The Boardgames Chronicle

It was some time since we last played with Marcin the Commands Color Medieval. So after a pause it was very refreshing to come back to this installment of C&C series. Of course, as with other games with this mechanics we play for fun but also for historical appeal. Usually that means mini-campaigns of chronologically … Read more