Ark Nova Review | Board Game Quest

I opened the door to Tony’s house and was immediately greeted by a flying object. Luckily, my cat like reflexes allowed me to catch it before it hit my face. I turned the box in my hand. “Ark… ARK NOVA”. Why are you throwing this?? It’s like… THE hotness right now!” “Dude, I live in … Read more

Savannah Park Review | Board Game Quest

Wolfgang Kramer and Michael Kiesling’s homes must be just absolutely covered in tiles they’ve used in prototyping. They’ve designed countless tile laying games. Hex tiles, square tiles, round tiles. Tiles with animals. Floor tiles. They are really the tiling experts. Savannah Park is another in their discography. Simple to learn, family weight, and covered in … Read more

Boonlake Review | Board Game Quest

“Are we there yet?” The small voices rise from beneath the heavy blankets that keep the children warm on this journey. It’s been months of grueling travel through inhospitable land, the promise of reaching the fabled uninhabited Boonlake seeming more like a tall tale with each passing day. How did this rumor emerge? Did someone … Read more

Imperial Steam Review | Board Game Quest

Unless a more knowledgeable reader corrects this in the comments, so far as this reviewer has read, 1829 is the first 18xx train game. Published in 1974, that would make the concept and structure of 18xx nearly fifty years old, without many signs of dramatic alteration. They feature heavy economic decisions combined with route strategy … Read more