Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Review

This is a guest post from Marcus Burchers. A few years ago, I walked into my local store and saw there was a brand new display for a Power Rangers miniatures game, Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid. I kind of laughed about it at the time, because when was the last time there had … Read more

Roll Player Adventures Review | Board Game Quest

My first gaming love was Dungeons and Dragons. Like many people my age I started with the red and blue boxes before progressing to the Advanced D&D rules and played several other editions over the ensuing years. A lot of board games try to be that ever elusive RPG-in-a-box that doesn’t require a game master. … Read more

The Dark Quarter Preview | Board Game Quest

Note: This preview uses pre-release components and rules. What you see here may be different from the final, published game. Welcome to New Orleans, circa 1980. It’s a city of music, magic, and delicious food. Award-winning publishers Lucky Duck Games and Van Ryder Games have teamed up to bring us The Dark Quarter. It’s a … Read more

2021 Board Game Award Winners

A couple of weeks ago we announced our nominees for our 9th Annual Board Game Awards. 2021 was a year we started inching back towards normalcy, with conventions returning and some manufacturing challenges clearing up. So, as usual, we are taking one last look back at the year to recognize the best and most creative … Read more

The Adventures of Robin Hood Review

England in the year of our Lord 1193. A carriage comes to a halt within the densely wooded landscape. The nobleman inside hears the guards shifting, their armor, and weaponry accompanied by a familiar clank of adjustment. Then a wisp of a sound, almost a whistle, before a labored grunt, the whiff of a sword … Read more