Wayward Queen Attack & Defense for Beginners

The wayward queen attack is a direct attack upon Black’s weakest square, f7, with White’s strongest attacking piece-the queen. White plays 2.Qh5 with an attack against Black’s e-pawn along with putting pressure on f7. Developing the bishop to c4 will increase the pressure by threatening a checkmate. However, this is not all one-sided, and black … Read more

Traxler Counterattack – The Two Knight Defense on Steroids!

The Traxler Counterattack is more than just a surprise weapon. Played as long ago as the 1890s by the Czech chess player K. Traxler, this counterattacking option of the Two Knights defense is more than a surprise weapon. Turn the tables on White by offering a counter sacrifice and force your opponent to decide if … Read more

Scandinavian Defense – How to Play As White and Black

In many chess openings playing …e5 or …d5 is essential for achieving equality for Black. In light of this, the sooner black plays …d5, the better? You cannot play it sooner than the first move. The Scandinavian Defense (1.e4 d5), or Center Counter game as it is sometimes called, has been played around since at … Read more

The Nimzo Indian Defense – Remote Chess Academy

Among the hyper modern chess openings, we find the Nimzo Indian Defense, which is a high level and positional opening for Black. This opening in the Indian Opening was named after Aron Nimzowitschhence the “Nimzoname. Aron Nimzowitsch is a chess theory specialist and has written multiple chess books which are still relevant more than 100 … Read more