The Indian Trope Trick: Sweat It to Get It

How blurring the distinction between effort and talent leads to performance gains I’ve recently enjoyed reading Dirk Jan Ten Geuzendam’s interview with the legendary Indian chess coach, Ramachandran (RB) Ramesh (New in Chess, 2022 #3), in which Ramesh expands on his thoughts about chess development generally, and on the recent explosion of chess talent in … Read more

The Nimzo Indian Defense – Remote Chess Academy

Among the hyper modern chess openings, we find the Nimzo Indian Defense, which is a high level and positional opening for Black. This opening in the Indian Opening was named after Aron Nimzowitschhence the “Nimzoname. Aron Nimzowitsch is a chess theory specialist and has written multiple chess books which are still relevant more than 100 … Read more