Warhammer 40k: Ork Kill Rig Review

Yer boss, dese weapons are the best wunz ever. Da Boyz will hit better, an ‘arder than ever before! – Gorsmak It should be known that I’m strictly a casual Warhammer player. My introduction was via my second kid, who found an older Space Marine tank kit in the dusty back shelves of our old … Read more

Warhammer 40k Kill Team – Recruit Edition Review

Warhammer 40k Kill team is a two-player skirmish game set in the battlefields of Warhammer 40k. Each player takes control of a small Kill Team, usually consisting of about 8-12 models, and fights for control of objectives or to kill the enemy team. Players take turns activating models and engaging in both long-range and melee … Read more