Meople News: Dreadful Humours – Meople’s Magazine

Elf Creek Games As if saving the people of Atlantis wasn’t tricky enough already! Your goal in Atlantis Rising is to cooperatively build a cosmic gate to help the Atlanteans escape. Build a cosmic gate, that sounds tricky, right? Well, it’s about to get much trickier. Atlantis Rising: Monstrositiesan expansion to the second edition of … Read more

Meople News: Reality-bending Heist – Meople’s Magazine

Grail Games Many dexterity games don’t have much going on besides the dexterity part. Many, but not all, if you’ll excuse the confusing negation there. What I mean to say is, Hibachi is a dexterity game that has more going on. As chefs around the hibachi grill in a Japanese teppanyaki restaurant, the players compete … Read more

Meople News: The State of the Situation

Renegade Game Studios The Snallygaster Situation(Renegade Game Studios) Renegade Game Studios will release The Snallygaster Situationan asymmetric cooperative board game based on the popular role playing game Kids on Bikes. Like in Kids on Bikesplayers in The Snallygaster Situation will be kids in a small town in the US faced with supernatural problems. In this … Read more

Meople News: Journeying the Shadow Roads

ThunderGryph Games It’s not only about having workers, it’s about having workers qualified to do the job, and about helping those not yet qualified to get there. That still seems to be a difficult concept for many modern management types, and that will make playing Darwin’s Journey against those guys a lot more entertaining. Worker … Read more