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Contact: Signals from Outer Space(Nürnberger-Spielkarten-Verlag) Another Essen fair has come and gone, and to say this year it was different would be an understatement of some considerable magnitude. Let me just put this ahead of everything else, canceling the physical event in Essen, Germany was the only thing responsible to do. I generally have a … Read more

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Elf Creek Games As if saving the people of Atlantis wasn’t tricky enough already! Your goal in Atlantis Rising is to cooperatively build a cosmic gate to help the Atlanteans escape. Build a cosmic gate, that sounds tricky, right? Well, it’s about to get much trickier. Atlantis Rising: Monstrositiesan expansion to the second edition of … Read more

Cartographers – Meople’s Magazine

Strategy Luck Interaction Components & Design Complexity Score “But, your majesty,” the Master Mapmaker stammered, “surely you must understand. I don’t create the lands I draw on my maps. I merely put on parchment the landscapes that I find.” “And what,” the Queen asked, her voice icier than any glacier he’d ever mapped, “stops you … Read more

Meople News: Reality-bending Heist – Meople’s Magazine

Grail Games Many dexterity games don’t have much going on besides the dexterity part. Many, but not all, if you’ll excuse the confusing negation there. What I mean to say is, Hibachi is a dexterity game that has more going on. As chefs around the hibachi grill in a Japanese teppanyaki restaurant, the players compete … Read more