Walkie Talkie Review | Board Game Quest

Party games are a rarity on my gaming table, doubly true since the start of the pandemic. It’s just not often that I have 4+ players to test them out and party games also rarely work well under that player count. However, that’s not always the case. Occasionally one pops up that actually works well … Read more

Top 10 Party Board Games

If you’re looking for tips on being the life of the party, look no further. Picture this scene. Everyone is happily chatting, looking relaxed, maybe some are inebriated. You, with your knack for reading the room, have a splendid idea. “Who wants to play a game!?” you inquire. It appears no one wants to speak … Read more

The Most Relaxing Board Games

Your gaming group has just completed a lengthy and tense campaign. There were miniatures around every corner of terrain which had been laid out meticulously while another player read the block of flavor text in preparation for the next mission. Or perhaps your group just finished a dense, two-hour Euro; no minis to be found … Read more

Kilter Review | Board Game Quest

It’s well known around BGQ HQ that I have a soft spot for dexterity games. I love how easy they are to get to the table and the uniqueness they bring. One game might have you stacking odd-shaped blocks, while another might have you flicking discs at cardboard standees. Today, we are going to take … Read more