Playing Undaunted Normandy with… kids! Part 2 – The Boardgames Chronicle

In my first article I described how I introduced my sons and cousin to the wonderful world of Undaunted: Normandy. To recap, during the School Holidays our cousin, Milosz (13 years) was spending a week with my family. My sons, Nathan (8) and Jacob (7) were of course overjoyed. I was also glad as Milosz … Read more

Playing Undaunted Normandy with… young adepts of wargaming! Part 1 – The Boardgames Chronicle

We all know how great game Undaunted Normandy is. It already got 2 expansions and recently we were presented with thrilling news of Stalingrad, a stand-alone title in this system. But are you aware that this position is a fantastic way of introducing new, young adepts into the world of wargaming? And this is exactly … Read more