The Ultimate Elephant Gambit Opening Guide for Attacking Players

Quick overview The Elephant Gambit is a rare opening after the moves 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 d5 Black’s idea is to take White out of preparation and to take the center. If White plays inaccurately, Black can make things uncomfortable for White White can easily refute the gambit though by capturing the pawn Welcome to the … Read more

Buckeye Game Fest 2022 Debrief – 3 Days in the War Room – The Players’ Aid

As the pandemic has lessened, and we have become vaccinated, Alexander and I have both been chomping at the bit to get out of the bunker and go to conventions again. Last September, we hit up Gen Con in Indianapolis, but only attended 1 day as it was just too crowded and we didn’t feel … Read more

Guns of August WWI Wargame Event – The Final Games – Armistice Day! – The Players’ Aid

As you know, we had this great idea that during the month of August, which is the first month of The Great War, where we would play 5 or 6 games on the subject and then shoot a summary video of our thoughts after the fact. You have probably already seen our first post in … Read more

The 1824 Presidential Election from Decision Games – The Players’ Aid

Several years ago, we played High Treason! The Trial of Louis Riel from Victory Point Games, which was the design debut of Alex Berry. This was the first ever courtroom/trial game we had played and we really enjoyed the mechanics and how it was a fast playing, but tense, 2-player card driven game. Now comes … Read more

Australia from GMT Games by Chip Roush – The Players’ Aid

As you know, we are wargamers and prefer wargames….all types of wargames really, including hex and counter, CDG, solitaire, etc. with the occasional crossover into fantasy dungeon crawlers like Gloomhaven, Descent and Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle Earth and games with high levels of player interaction such as Dune. We have dabbled into … Read more