Need sure points? Slav Defense, Wiesbaden Variation Edition

“Dad, why is my sister named Rose?Because your mother loves roses.Thanks Dad.No problem, Slav Defense Wiesbaden Variation”r/AnarchyChess I can compare the Slav Defense with a mined field. You look around in front of you and nothing seems out of the ordinary. However, you can feel the danger lingering in the air, ready to reveal its … Read more

Need sure points? Queen’s Gambit Declined Slav, Exchange Variation Edition

“The Exchange Variation is without doubt one of White’s best weapons versus the popular Slav Defense. By creating a symmetrical position with an extra tempo, White keeps Black’s counter play to a minimum while developing positional pressure”Silman and Donaldson I am going to acknowledge the elephant in the room by saying this variation is one … Read more

Need sure points? Queen’s Pawn Game. London System edition

“Developed by the British player James MasonNamed after the 1922 London tournament”Wikipedia Many club players choose 1. e4 as their opening choice from very early in their chess careers. It makes sense because it gives them the opportunity to play open games where they can practice and improve their tactical skills. Playing 1. d4 requires … Read more

Need sure points? Two Knights Defence, Traxler Wilkes-Barre Variation Edition

“A dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward its achievement”Bo Bennett (businessman) This variation can be unleashed against unsuspected players who like to use the Fried Liver attack. This is the most likely to happen at club level. It is at that level when many see it being played often. Players learn it … Read more