Gloomhaven – Scenario #47 Lair of Unseeing Eye – The Boardgames Chronicle

We are joking in our Gloomhaven group that this game has 3 semifinals 🙂 We tackled already #48 Shadow Weald and #46 Nightmare Peak – not necessarily chronologically, but that suited us, especially as we were bringing Dominik up to speed with those. Today – if things go right – we would complete the final … Read more

Gloomhaven – Scenario #46 Nightmare Peak – The Boardgames Chronicle

Our last scenario we finished in astonishing 1.5 turn – the shortest time ever for an adventure deemed by many as the most difficult in whole Gloomhaven adventure. More on this here: #48 Shadow Weald. We thought – it is going so well in our group with all those end-of-the game scenarios that we decided … Read more

Gloomhaven – Scenario #48 Shadow Weald – The Boardgames Chronicle

We already played over 50 scenarios in the world of Gloomhaven. Some of them were longer, some shorter. Some more difficult, some easy. On that Monday evening we were facing one of the toughest adventures in the whole game, a “semi-final” before reaching the main boss – Scenario #48 Shadow Weald. Never before we were … Read more

Gloomhaven – Scenario #37 – Doom Trench – The Boardgames Chronicle

Our previous scenario (#19 Forgotten Crypt) was a planned introduction for our new Gloomhaven companion – Dominik. However, we prefer quick learning so after this one-time scenario repetition, we went back to the main Gloomhaven storyline. As you know, our team is pretty close to the main boss, approaching him from three different directions. We … Read more

Gloomhaven – Scenario #19 – Forgotten Crypt – The Boardgames Chronicle

Change is the only sure thing which will stay with us. Our Gloomhaven group already went through a couple of such shifts. First, we played in team of 3, with me, Kuba G and Kuba J. Then Konrad joined us for nine scenarios – he wanted to check how this BGG #1 game plays out. … Read more

Bayonets & Tomahawks – playing 1757 scenario – The Boardgames Chronicle

This game is addictive – one you said A, you need to say B 🙂 I recently played initial, introductory scenario of Bayonets & Tomahawks – 1755 – and I immediately knew I needed more! This was a solo session, with my two sons (6 & 8 years old boys) playing as bots, choosing from … Read more

Combat Commander Pacific – Scenario #D Operation Cherry Blossom – The Boardgames Chronicle

Yet once again welcome to the series of Combat Commander Pacific session reports – playing them all in order – an epic endeavor which we undertook with Dave. I must admit, the set-ups in this installment are very versatile. This time we had a chance to taste new posture – Invader – I was actually … Read more

Gloomhaven – Scenario #38 – Slave Pens – The Boardgames Chronicle

Our Gloomhaven group slowly but steadily approaches the epic end of this game. It is definitely high time for this as Frosthaven should arrive somewhere during the year. The story is very interesting so of course it will be with the great regret to finish that epic journey… But the new challenges in cold, unforgiving … Read more