Gloomhaven – Scenario #48 Shadow Weald – The Boardgames Chronicle

We already played over 50 scenarios in the world of Gloomhaven. Some of them were longer, some shorter. Some more difficult, some easy. On that Monday evening we were facing one of the toughest adventures in the whole game, a “semi-final” before reaching the main boss – Scenario #48 Shadow Weald. Never before we were … Read more

Angels: Lair of the Shadow King Kickstarter Preview PnP

Designer: Aaron, Henry & Stephanie RichardsonArtists: N/APublisher: AnSR GamesYear Published: 2022 On Kickstarter until 7 March 2022 No. of Players: 1-4 Angels: Lair of the Shadow King is a quick-playing, 1 -4 player game of a band of Angels looking to defeat the elusive Shadow King in his lair before the Shadow King’s Shadow-beasts can … Read more

Meople News: Journeying the Shadow Roads

ThunderGryph Games It’s not only about having workers, it’s about having workers qualified to do the job, and about helping those not yet qualified to get there. That still seems to be a difficult concept for many modern management types, and that will make playing Darwin’s Journey against those guys a lot more entertaining. Worker … Read more