A True Story of Risk and Handcuffs — Meeple Mountain

Board games bring us together and lift our spirits, making us forget, just for a few moments, our troubles. Join Andrew Holmes as he recalls how Risk brought friends closer together during tough times. 2007 I’m tipsy. It’s that happy space midway between sober and plastered, the peak of the emotional bell curve. I could … Read more

Wolfwalker: My Story (French) Review

Read QuelqunQui’s English Review of Wolfwalker: My Story Quick Look: Wolfwalker: My Story Designeur: Maja MilavecArtiste: Cartoon SalonEditor: Value Add GamesAnnée de Publication: 2021 Nbr. de Joueurs: 1-4* Ages: 8+ Temps de Jeu: 25 minutes Ce qu’en dit l’éditeur : Dans WolfWalkers: My Story, deux joueurs rivalisent à la création d’une grille utilisant des cartes … Read more

Wolfwalker: My Story Review – EverythingBoardGames.com

Quick Look: Wolfwalker: My Story Designer: Maja MilavecArtists: Cartoon SalonPublisher: Value Add GamesYear Published: 2021 No. of Players: 1-4* Ages: 8+ Playing Time: 25 minutes From the Publisher: In this original board game, you can choose to play competitively or cooperatively as WolfWalkers. The objective of the game is to complete a wolf soul before … Read more

Million Dollar Script Review | Board Game Quest

Movie-making is big business. And today you and your scriptwriting team are going to be making a pitch to the studio execs trying to greenlight the next sci-fi masterpiece or fantasy epic. But you aren’t the only screenwriters in town and will be competing against others trying to impress those in charge. Will you be … Read more